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We are changing the startup ecosystem, one female founder at a time.

How we do it


#ATTHETABLE Monthly Dinners

Intimate dinners for 12 female founders to gather and share resources. Starting in Boston.



A national day to honor and celebrate female founders in your city, happening mid-December in cities across the United States.



After joining us at dinner, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive online community for female founders to meet and support each other around the world.


How dinner works

Applying for #AtTheTable

#AtTheTable dinners are unique opportunities to connect with other female founders across industries. Each dinner is lightly curated by our team to connect founders who may be facing similar challenges or in unique positions to help each other. Because of this, each founder needs to apply to join. You can do that here.

When we match you with a dinner, you’ll receive an invitation to join us. If you don’t get one right away, don’t worry — we’re just finding the dinner that’s right for you.


Dinner is an intimate gathering of women who want to share their experiences and help each other. We’ll gather for beverages in the beginning and sit down as a group for our meal. Then, we’ll guide everyone through some questions that are designed to help us open up in a short period of time. We invite our guests to talk about themselves without giving an elevator pitch about their business. Then, we’ll close out the night with what we can offer each other.

The rest is behind the curtain.


After joining us for one dinner, you’ll be invited to join our official #AtTheTable community where you’ll meet other founders who have participated in dinners before. We use our community platform to ask questions, share opportunities, and recognize our accomplishments.

Soon, we’ll be launching other in-person activities where we can meet other women who participated in different cohorts. As we build our #AtTheTable network, we want you to build yours, too.