Empowering female founders with a community of women who get it.



#AtTheTable is more than a dinner series. It’s a movement. An opportunity for female founders to open up, get real, and support each other — in our businesses and in our lives.

You see, what we share on the outside isn’t always what’s happening on the inside. We have highs and lows. We struggle to find balance. We question ourselves.

The difference is, we keep going. We don’t give up. We thrive.

#AtTheTable was built to unite female founders across industries to create a sense of support and community as we grow as better entrepreneurs and as we change the world. We gather around dinner tables to share our voices, to build authentic relationships with each other, and to offer our unique skillsets to other women in the hustle.

Then, we stay connected online to further build dialogue and make connections for each other. Forget the boys’ club. We are creating a network of our own.

We believe we should lift each other up. If you agree, join us.


#AtTheTable was created with three key goals in mind. These are our guiding principles.


To engage female founders in productive, mutually beneficial dialogue.


To provide a forum for female founders to help each other achieve success in their businesses by leveraging their unique strengths.


To create a safe space for female founders to share concerns and challenges in a supportive community of likeminded women


“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”



Founders Rica Elysee (Beautylynk) and Beth Santos (Wanderful) met over cupcakes and smoothies in the fall of 2017 (yup, it was that kind of day).

We talked about our businesses — the wins, the losses, the questions. We talked about our need for authenticity in a world that is always about pitching yourself to the next level. We talked about how, when we feel pressure to constantly gush about how great our businesses are, we lose the opportunity to truly help each other.

In that moment, we decided to host dinner for 12 female founders to share their stories. It was as simple as that. Gather around a table, have our voices heard, meet each other in a safe space, and talk about how — really — things are going.

That dinner turned to a monthly dinner series in Boston with hundreds of female founders involved. Within the first month, Beth and Rica knew — this was the start of something epic. Today, #AtTheTable has seen over 400 female founders in its community, and even expanded operations into New York, Miami, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

This isn’t history. This is only the beginning.


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